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This Year's Cosplays:
Sailor X-Ray - Roosterteeth
Hoodie Casual Commander Shepard - Mass Effect
Fake AH Crew Jack - Roosterteeth

Upcoming Cons:
NebrasKon - Oct. 31 - Nov. 2 2014

Crazy progress update post, yaaay! I ended up switching tutorials for the bows because I didn’t like the one I was using’s bows all that much. But at this point, everything is done except for gloves and less temporary attachments for everything! I just started with velcro to see how everything looks together. With the weight of the bows and collar that’s just not going to cut it, so I’m sewing snaps in between typing. I also got a hold of the cosplay makeup, so I can officially debut a 99% done cosplay today!

I really love how the whole thing has come together so far! I adore it for being my first project ever, and I’m already thinking of ways to redux it since I’ve heard it’s really good for cosplayers to go back and redo a costume from scratch and see how far they’ve come.